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Planting trees cannot offset burning wood, warn experts

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Biomass Basics
What are the problems with big biomass?

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Leading Scientists Warn: Wood Pellets Threat to Climate – “No Silver Pellet”

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New Chatham House paper warns against overreliance on bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS)

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Cut Carbon Not Forests: Hard-Hitting Campaign Urges UK Policymakers to Build a True Clean Energy Economy and End Dirty Biomass Subsidies

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YOUGOV POLL: Just 23% of Britons Believe Burning Wood for Electricity Should be Classified as ‘Renewable Energy’

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About Us

Cut Carbon Not Forests is a campaign to remove subsidies from companies that burn trees for electricity, co-ordinated by a coalition of UK and US-based NGOs. Join us in asking the Government to redirect biomass subsidies to real clean and renewable energy.

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