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New report: UK commits to protect forests at COP27, while spending £2 billion a year destroying them


LONDON – 10 November 2022 – Just days after the UK committed to increased forest protections at COP27, a new report reveals that it wasted almost £2 billion on subsidising the logging of forests for bioenergy in 2021.

UK to “burn 15 billion loaves of bread” a year for bioenergy


LONDON – 22 September 2022 – A new report by Cut Carbon Not Forests shows that the UK Government’s plans for Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) — on which it is currently consulting — could undermine the country’s food security.

Report: Bioenergy from Estonia may violate UK’s biomass sustainability laws


LONDON, UK – 4 August 2022 – A new analysis published by Cut Carbon Not Forests exposes how the UK’s demand for wood pellets to generate biomass energy is harming Estonia’s forests and ecosystems, including protected nature reserves. The evidence suggests that wood pellets imported into the UK from Estonia to burn at power plants — primarily Drax — are sourced using such harmful practices that they may violate the UK’s legally binding sustainability criteria for biomass subsidies.

8 in 10 Brits say it’s ‘hypocritical’ for the UK Government to commit to protecting 30% of its land and ocean, while subsidising forest loss overseas


LONDON – 27 April 2021 – A new Censuswide poll finds that Brits overwhelmingly (96%) support the UK Government addressing global biodiversity loss but are concerned that it isn’t “walking the walk” when it comes to its commitments.

Demonstrations in multiple countries highlight devastating global impacts of the UK’s biomass subsidies


LONDON – 28 September 2021 – In September and October 2021, a series of on-the-ground protests and peaceful gatherings will highlight the devastating global impacts of the UK Government’s biomass energy policy on communities, forests, and the climate.

Landmark NRDC report finds that BECCS isn’t carbon negative


LONDON, UK – 10 October 2021 – Today, NRDC is releasing its new investigation into Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS). For the first time ever, this report separates and quantifies all of the carbon emissions throughout the BECCS scenario, including emissions associated with the most common supply chain for UK biomass electricity—wood pellets shipped from the US Southeast.

Environmental coalition calls for UK to terminate subsidies to biomass plant in Teesside


LONDON – 10 December 2021 – On the day that MGT Teesside misses its latest deadline to begin operations, the Cut Carbon Not Forests coalition warns the Low Carbon Contract Company to reject any further deadline extensions for the biomass power plant.

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